Friday, August 1, 2014

About me

About me:

Hi everyone. I'm Stella and I'm teaching English to kids and adults.When I've first started teaching, my goal was to make learning a more positive experience for people, and enjoy every moment of it. So far so good :)

My learning path first started back in 2008 when I was accepted by the Nottingham Trent University ( Bachelor in English). Back then to be accepted, I had to score GCE A, or IELTS 8.5 , 9 because of the nature of my studies. In the University I was mainly learning English and American literature. Graduated in 2011 I wasn't feeling prepared enough to go on teaching so I decided to study a Master's degree in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL). Through my Masters I've learned some basic teaching methodologies and explored areas of teaching English. Meanwhile, I was teaching and putting into practice everything I was learning. 

  CELTA 2013

CELTA has been a stepping stone in my teaching career. First, let's see what's a CELTA. As quoted by the Cambridge University 'CELTA is one of the most widely taken qualifications of its kind. Thousands of people each year chose CELTA to open up a whole world of exciting English language teaching opportunities. In this course, you can get the skills, the knowledge and hands-on teaching practice you need to be a successful English language teacher. What do I think about CELTA? I truly think that every teacher around this world should go under a training of this kind. Unfortunately, in my country we are lacking in training. My opinion is that new teachers deserve training that will enable them to walk confidently into their own classroom on their first day ready to teach.

I've also met some wonderful people, who are now teaching around the world. Good luck guys :)

International House/ Clen College 2013-2014.

It's amazing how this year went by so fast. This year I was teaching 'Infantil 3-5 years old, 'Primaria 6-11', FCE for teenagers and adults. I was working for IH house, which is a World organisation with 158 private and independently owned schools spanning 52 countries. Every year they open up training and development courses for language teachers. This year I had the opportunity to attend the 'Cambridge Experience in Zaragoza' and a young learners workshop offered by IH Pamplona.

Here are some photos for the academic year 2013-2014.

My little ones: In this lesson we've learned fruits and vegetables, through singing and playing. No wonder why they are so happy. :)

Primary students (7 years old): This was our small presentation on our favourite animal.

All together: 

Carnival time:

Presentation on 'food chain' and the circle of life :)

These kids love to play 'Quess who' and so do I :)

Our great achievements and the certificates  :).

This year I'm setting off on new adventures in Cyprus. Wish me luck. Can't wait to start.

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